Allow Capital Hill to help you navigate the challenging waters of home buying. Below, we have provided some items to consider before starting your journey to home ownership. If you are interested in "testing the waters" in buying or selling a home, contact us at 321-322-7706 or email

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1. Is it time to become a homeowner?

Make sure to consider the financial and emotional impact buying a home can make in your life. 

2. A licensed REALTOR can help!

With all the paperwork, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing and negotiations, this can be a stressful time. That is why you will want to work with a seasoned professional who can reduce stress and make sure everything is taken care of correctly.

3. How do I know I can afford it?

Most buyers will need to finance their new home and should seek pre-approval before beginning this journey. A consultation with a mortgage broker will help find the right number for you. We are happy to provide a recommendation for an experienced professional.

4. Can we find the perfect house, now?

We will set up a search criteria in the MLS and take into consideration what your goals are for your new home; starter home, long term, fixer-upper, etc. We will also go over financing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

5. I don't want to pay too much.

When we find the right house for you, we will perform a comparative market analysis and use our experience and extensive knowledge to secure the best deal possible and present an offer.

6. What else?

We will make sure you obtain homeowners insurance, help you prepare for and guide you through the closing process. We will be with you every step of the way, until you are a officially the owner of your dream home! 



How do I get the best price for my home?


Extensive knowledge and experience is the engine which powers our expert recommendations on repairs, improvements and staging. Curb appeal and adequately conveying the house’s value is often key to getting the best price for your home. We know which small steps and fairly inexpensive measures you can take to get the most “bang for your buck”.

Capital Hill associates use an effective combination of marketing and experience to get your house sold quickly and at the highest price the market will bear. We market through many channels and promote through our expansive networks. Equally as important is the right price. Priced too high, the house will stay on the market too long and ultimately result in a lower price anyway. Priced too low, the seller will forfeit the full and fair value of the home. Allow a professional to get you the right price and negotiate the best terms on your behalf.

I don't know much about closings.

Before the seller can receive any proceeds from the sale, the seller’s remaining balance of the original loan must be paid for at the closing. It is the escrow officer’s duty to contact the seller's lender to verify the amount needed to close out the loan, before the date of closing. Other seller closing costs can include:

· Broker's commission

· Transfer taxes

· Documentary Stamps on the Deed

· Title insurance

· Property taxes (prorated)

Our seasoned professionals will negotiate closing costs, other expenses and verify prorated costs are fairly distributed. Capital Hill Realty represents full disclosure and strives to help you be a better informed seller.